Employment by occupation - trends and outlook

This site provides information on employment trends and the employment outlook for various occupations. It also provides information on other characteristics of those employed in each occupation - their age, gender, whether they are typically self-employed or employees, and whether they are typically working full-time or part-time.

Occupations are grouped into 9 broad occupational groups listed below. You can access the information for individual occupations by expanding the broad occupational group you are interested in, selecting from an A-Z list of occupations or typing in a key word.

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Educational support assistants
Electrical & electronic engineers
Electrical & electronic trades etc.
Electrical, electronic & engineering technicians
Elementary administration occupations
Elementary agricultural occupations
Elementary cleaning occupations
Elementary construction occupations
Elementary process plant occupations
Elementary sales & storage occupations
Elementary security occupations
Engineering professionals n.e.c.
Environmental & other public services associate professionals
Estate agents etc.; conference and exhibition managers