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Occupational group:
Advertising, marketing & sales directors

Examples of other job titles: Marketing and sales directors; bid managers, purchasing managers; account managers (advertising); head of public relations.

Employment Trend (?)

Employment trend

Summary for this occupation from job seekers' perspective

  • Unemployment rate data is not available(?)
  • Some skill shortages have been identified(?)
  • Employment growth prospects are above average(?)


Despite the third level graduate output of 1,600 from sales and marketing courses at levels 6 and above (HEA and non-HEA sectors), a shortage of marketing experts required to lead product strategy development continues to exist. In addition, shortages of the following sales and customer care skills continue to persist: technical and product/service knowledge (e.g. pharmaceutical, medical devices, Software B2B, SaaS products, etc.); communication skills, cultural awareness and foreign languages (especially German, French and Nordic). Associate professional sales, customer service and marketing skills are critical in Ireland's efforts to increase the global market share for its exports. Almost all job announcements in 2015 have sales and/or customer care roles mentioned as part of their overall recruitment requirement (e.g. Apple, Microsoft, Vodafone, Zimmer,, Sage, Dairymaster, Slane Distillery, O’Hara’s Brewery, LinenCare). Proficiency in foreign languages is becoming an important part of the skill set in relation to sales and other roles, with German, French and Nordic languages being most frequently cited as a requirement by both indigenous and multinational companies. (Note: Unless otherwise stated, these comments are based on the findings published in the National Skills Bulletin 2016).

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  • 3rd Level Grad

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The analysis was conducted by the Skills and Labour Market Research Unit (SLMRU) in SOLAS based on the data held in the National Skills Database. Last updated December 2016.