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Occupational group:
Architects & town planners; architectural technologists; construction project managers and surveyors

Examples of other job titles: Architectural consultants; chartered architects; building surveyors; architectural technologists; contract and project managers (building construction).

Employment Trend (?)

Employment trend

Summary for this occupation from job seekers' perspective

  • Unemployment rate data is not available(?)
  • Some skill shortages have been identified(?)
  • Employment growth prospects are below average(?)


Shortages of the following skills have been identified (construction and quantity surveyors with BIM (building information modelling, CAD) and construction project managers with experience. There is also evidence that part of the difficulty in recruiting construction skills at present is due to a lack of geographic mobility. Recent growth in economic activity has also been translated into greater demand for construction professional and associate professional occupations. The seasonally adjusted volume of production index in building and construction has been gradually increasing since 2012. In fact, growth is expected to accelerate in absolute and relative terms over the medium term, as the sector gathers further momentum. Although the number of graduates declined (as a result of the reduced intake during the recession), there is significant graduate output from construction related courses (almost 1,500 in 2014/15 at level 8 or above). In addition, there remains some overhang of construction skills, with almost 140 architects, 420 job ready civil engineers, and 120 architectural technologists/construction project managers seeking employment in May 2016. Nonetheless, signs of tightening in the labour market have been observed, in particular in relation to architects, civil engineers and surveyors. (Note: Unless otherwise stated these comments are based on the findings published in the National Skills Bulletin 2016).

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  • Female

Employment by
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  • Other
  • 3rd Level Grad

Employment by Age (?)
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The analysis was conducted by the Skills and Labour Market Research Unit (SLMRU) in SOLAS based on the data held in the National Skills Database. Last updated December 2016.