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Occupational group:
Quality control engineers; other regulatory professionals

Examples of other job titles: Quality engineers; quality assurance engineers; quality control officers (professional); planning engineers.

Employment Trend (?)

Employment trend

Summary for this occupation from job seekers' perspective

  • Unemployment rate data is not available(?)
  • Some skill shortages have been identified(?)
  • Employment growth prospects are above average(?)


As the number of persons employed in this occupation was less than 3,000 in some quarters, employment for those quarters is not presented in the graph due to the risk of statistical errors. The demand for engineers, typically for roles in pharmaceutical and medical devices manufacturing, relates largely to those with significant experience (at least five years) in industry specific settings. Shortages include process and design (including R&D); quality control/quality assurance (including standards, compliance and regulatory affairs, mostly Environmental Health and Safety compliance); automation (including lean processes); validation/computer validation system (CVS), CQE (certified quality engineers) certification; chemical engineers. There also appears to be an issue with geographical mobility and the ability to attract candidates to certain locations. (Note: Unless otherwise stated, these comments are based on the findings published in the National Skills Bulletin 2017).

Employment by
Gender (?)



  • Male
  • Female

Employment by
Education (?)



  • Other
  • 3rd Level Grad

Employment by Age (?)
(Future Retirements Indicator)



  • Below 55
  • 55+

Employment Status (?)
(Self Employment Indicator)



  • Employee
  • Self Employed

Employment Type (?)
(Part-Time Indicator)



  • Full Time
  • Part Time

The analysis was conducted by the Skills and Labour Market Research Unit (SLMRU) in SOLAS based on the data held in the National Skills Database. Last updated December 2017.